UltraTax CS Software – The Right Tool to Streamline Tax Process

Boosting a firm’s productivity during tax season is one of the most crucial factors. Most of the accounting firms utilize CS professionals Suite solutions or lay emphasis on mid-to-high level tax situations to streamline their tax process.  They are always on a lookout for solutions to do more returns in less time. This is where UltraTax CS comes to play a big role.

This software is a professional tool, which is equipped with time saving features which help accountants ease the tax preparation procedure. Designed to have various integration point options, UltraTax CS also focuses on a streamlined interface and helps experts work effectively.

Some of the key highlights of UltraTax CS include:

Multiple Monitor Flexibility

UltraTax CS helps accounting practitioners use up to four separate monitors in order to view Input, Forms, Prior Year Input, and Diagnostics, etc. It synchronizes all forms with one another so that you can easily navigate to your Itemized Deduction entry.

Some key advantages are:

  • Full integration & paperless workflow
  • Convenient and secure e-signature option
  • Flexible hosted solutions for smart tax preparation software
  • Faster returns
  • Ensure accuracy, and add value for your clients
  • Faster process of business tax returns
  • Reduction in manual data entry through data sharing
  • Time saving in every step of your business’ workflow.


UltraTax CS provides a complete state, and local tax compliance option. It’s a powerful timesaving tool to streamline the tax preparation process. It comes equipped with various built-in modules in order to help ensure users can manage any return and cater to the needs of any client effectively.

If you use UltraTax CS and face any issue in it, you can contact a third party service provider which can help resolve the technical problems of the software.

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